"By putting my experience to work for you in the design area and on the shop floor, I can help you optimize the development and manufacturing operations that move your company to the next level of success. I depersonalize volatile situations and focus on the process problems. And I can coach your team in the techniques and best practices that will deliver great results."

William B. Wilson
Senior Consulting Associate

Bill not only has the hands-on experience but the skill to share his extensive knowledge of the latest tools and methodologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. His ability to analyze, plan, then help you implement change covers the broad realm of new product design/ development through manufacturing operations - including quality assurance, procurement, regulatory compliance, and more.

Bill helps companies focus their efforts and improve product delivery through commercialization processes, workflow optimization, project management, evaluation and decision matrices, and business modeling. After understanding your needs, Bill identifies applicable best practices in the business and manufacturing domains and guides your company in the development and implementation of improvement plans.

The Hartman Group clients benefit from Bill's previous work in product design, quality assurance, customer support, finished product procurement, and program management. He has conducted business and process assessments, both domestically and overseas, and worked with suppliers to improve product quality, cost, and availability, while enhancing overall company performance.

Bill received his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University and continued his technical training by pursuing a masters degree in mechanical engineering. He has published in a number of journals and has received a number of patents. Bill keeps his skills sharp and on the cutting edge with continuing coursework in process and product methodologies.