"Let's face it, achieving your strategic vision isn't easy. But I can help you see past the pain and survive - no, thrive - through the process of change. I won't just guide you on what to do, I'll help you visualize it so you have the motivation to make it happen. And you'll find that my energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"

Susan E. Hartman

Sue can help you better understand your business and use that information to achieve success. She knows how to ask the tough questions to challenge your paradigms and make you look at your own situation with a more critical eye.

Sue is also skilled at assimilating large quantities of information and identifying the key issues and opportunities related to your business growth. By helping you identify and understand the problem before jumping to the solution, she'll help assure that implemented changes bring desired results.

Through years of experience, Sue has integrated her functional expertise in business development and operations management into cross-functional capabilities. Her leadership skills, problem-solving aptitude, organizational skills, and ability to energize others have helped dozens of The Hartman Group clients - and her company can help you, too.

In founding The Hartman Group, Sue took the next evolutionary step in a professional career that has included hands-on fundamental research, new product development, manufacturing management, international business development, and general management. Working with Fortune 500 companies - both as a manager and consultant - she has been the catalyst for both operational and strategic change. With her assistance, companies have defined their future direction in an integrated framework for success.

Since receiving her bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Juniata College, Sue's commitment to continuous learning has led her to complete extensive coursework in such areas as statistical process control, performance management, process re-engineering, and international business operations. She has published in a number of technical and business journals and has received numerous patents. Through her professional involvement and personal dedication, Sue stays abreast of cutting-edge methodologies as well as technological advances. She is an active contributor in the emerging field of change proficiency.